Command Post

Command Post

A group of elite Navy Seals have received vital intelligence on the whereabouts of a local Insurgent Command Post. Information suggests this particular Command Post is harbouring terrorist leaders who are planning an imminent attack on key military targets. As a Navy Seal it is your mission to move deep into enemy territory and retrieve the hidden explosives. Once you have these in your possession, infiltrate the Command Post and negate the threat.

As an Insurgent your homeland is under threat from brutal western forces. Protect your way of life and fight back. Your last stronghold hides classified plans and will prove to be the key to this war – you must win at all costs!

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Delta Force Paintball


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  • Command Post Features

    • Imposing fortress
    • Sniper towers
    • Military ammo dumps
    • Optional riot shields
  • Delta Force Command Post Gallery

  • Command Post Tactics

    • Capture bomb and place at end location to win!
    • Utilise flanks to keep enemy guessing
    • Make use of regeneration point

Delta Force Paintball Oslo Game Zones

Paintball Oslo's mind blowing movie set game zones are modelled on some of the world's most iconic silver screen films, popular television shows and breathtaking locations. Our themed paintball game zones feature props based on Hollywood movie-sets to ensure an action-packed day out for you and your comrades.

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Delta Force Paintball Oslo provides all customers with state of the art paintball equipment and holds a five star health and safety record. Whether you're organising a stag do or hen party, celebrating a kid’s birthday or simply popping down for a day of adrenaline-fuelled fun, Paintball Oslo is happy to cater for any occasion. We'll even provide your lunch if you let us know in advance!

A-list celebrities such as Wayne Rooney, Lewis Hamilton and Elle Macpherson have visited our paintball centres over the years. Why not be the next VIP through our gates?

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